Hi there. My name is Jordan and I’m a Native English Teacher. I’m from Vancouver, Canada where I graduated from Emily Carr University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Before coming to Japan in 2013, I was a TESOL certified teacher for mostly University students from all over the world. During my last 2 years in Canada I focused on teaching TOEFL. Prior to joining Pure in 2018, I worked at an international preschool Kindergarten where I taught a few different ages including elementary school students in a variety of afterschool programs. I have an affinity for the Arts, especially Fine Arts, music and film. I also love American Football and cooking. I have always been passionate about teaching, but seeing the daily growth in children is why I love working at Pure.



    Hello, my name is Monika. I'm from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) . I love everything Disney and go to Disney Land and Sea at least 8 times a year! My favorite characters are Ariel and the doll Barbie, and I'm looking forward to meeting you and having a fun year!



    Hello everyone, my name is Darren! I’m a Native English teacher. I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I enjoy cooking new recipes for my family to enjoy, playing the guitar and learning new songs, and watching NBA basketball games. My favorite basketball team is the Warriors! I graduated from college in 2015 not too far away at Western Illinois University with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology. Before coming to Japan in 2016 I was studying to become a doctor but on a whim I decided to come to Japan to study at Tokyo International University and I loved it so much I never left! I have taught English to all ages and people from all walks of life during my short time in Japan. Teaching at various levels and to different people has shown me how much learning is a lifelong journey. If you continue learning, your life will be rich and always have meaning. So start young, and give yourself more opportunities in life. I look forward to seeing as many new faces at Pure for many years to come. Thank you!



    Hello, my name is Jon. I am a Native English Teacher. I grew up in New York City, lived in Brooklyn and Queens, and graduated from Boys & Girls High school. After High School, I served 14 years in the US Navy as a Ship Electrician. I am a father to my 16-year-old son, who loves to play basketball and eat meat. My teaching philosophy is Fun While Learning. I love to see students interacting and enjoying my lessons while learning. I received my English in Early Childhood certificate through the British Council's Future Learn program. And I have been teaching for 7+ fun years now. My hobbies include working on electrical equipment, Judo (black belt), Photography, Motorcycle riding, Fishing, and doing fun and crazy things with my son.



    Hi! My name is Yukiko and I’m a Bilingual Teacher. I am half Japanese and half Filipino. I was born here in Tokyo,Japan but I was raised in the Philippines. I can speak both English and Japanese fluently. I graduated from the University of San Carlos with a Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Prior to joining Pure, I was working in an International Preschool as a Nursery English speaking Staff where I gained lots of experience on how to make little children enjoy learning English. And as a mother myself, I feel privileged to be able to give my motherly love and care to all the students.Recently I have been into hiking with my family. The experience is enjoyable and being in nature can rejuvenate and increase my happiness. I’d like to use these positive vibes in guiding and nurturing the curiosity of each child and help them develop efficient learning.



    Hello!My name is Emi.I'm from Japan and I work as a bilingual teacher at Pure English Kindergarten. I am a certified nursery teacher. After studying early childhood care in college, I worked at a kindergarten in Japan, but I decided to work at Pure because I love English as much as I love childcare. The days I spend at Pure are filled with smiles as I am comforted by the children's humour and growth.



    Hi. My name is Saori and I am a Bilingual teacher, teaching Japanese and P.E. for all classes. I am from Gunma, Japan. I graduated from Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education with a degree in Physical Education and Education. I have been working at Pure for 3 years now and have been playing sports for 15 years, starting with canoeing in high school. My coaching experience includes five years of coaching Gunma Prefecture's national athletes.I love to travel by bicycle and explore all the delicious and beautiful places in Japan, and I love the sparkling smiles and loving faces of the children at Pure!



    Hi! My name is Kayoko. I'm from Japan. I'm a bilingual teacher. I studied English education and Sociology. I enjoy playing badminton and reading novels. I have a daughter and I like cooking with her on weekends. I used to live in Russia and Vietnam, so I enjoy eating the food from there.Before going abroad, I was an English teacher in an English school for kids, junior high and senior high schools.I'm so happy to be here that I can talk, learn and play with sweet kids!