Hi, my name is Luke. I'm from California U.S.A. I am the principal of Pure English Kindergarten. I have been working in education for over 13 years and love working with children. I have many hobbies. I like guitar, weight lighting, sports, skateboarding, driving and exploring Japan. The best feeling for me is seeing students improve their English ability and grow as individuals.



    Hello, my name is Makenna! I'm from Colorado, USA and I've been living in Japan for almost 2 years. I have a bachelors degree in anthropology and I have a TEFL certification. I love cats, visiting new places, playing video games, listening to rock music, cooking and I'm currently learning how to skateboard. I'm so excited to be the Pink Class teacher this year!



    Hi everybody! I’m Jordan from Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been living and teaching in Japan for almost 5 years now and loving every second of it. I’m a huge fan of sports, movies, music and food. I can’t wait to get to know what you like. Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself; I love getting to know new people too.



    Hi, I'm Gen. I'm from the Philippines. I've lived here for 14 years and I love everything about Japan! I love cooking Japanese food, especially nikujaga and shogayaki. I can read. write, and speak Japanese. My favorite kanji is kokoro. I like hiking, traveling and photography. I love all kids!



    Aloha, My name is Jake. I'm from Hawaii and have lived in Japan for almost three years. I have a psychology and elementary school degree. My favorite things to do is to write, dance and play video games. I'm on the search for the best ramen in the world, that's why I moved to Japan. I like learning and watching others learn as well.



    I'm Shizuka from China. I've been in Japan for 17 years. I have two sons. I'm the Green Class assistant. I love making crafts with kids. I also love cooking, it makes me so happy when my family says my cooking is delicious. Traveling with my family is something I like to do in my free time. If you have a chance please come visit our Orange Class!



    Hello! My name is Emi. I'm an assistant in Pink Class. I have a kindergarten teacher's and nursery school's license. I have been with pure for 6 years and I love taking care of kids. I love eating and drinking, and looking for new places to try. In my free time I like to sleep because I like to dream. I always loved teaching and I liked English since high school.



    Hello. My name is Tai, I'm half Japanese and kiwi. I was born in and lived for 15 years in Japan and lived in New Zealand for 3 years so I can understand and speak both Japanese and English. Also, I have a brother and a sister so I love playing with kids. I'm working as a assistant teacher for all the classes.



    Hello everyone! I'm Lisa and I'm from Philippines. I've lived in Japan for 14 years now married and have two kids. I used to work at an English conversation school for 4 years. I love being with children, teaching them and seeing them learning makes me happy. I like all about japan specially foods and the people. My favorite foods are natto and sashimi. I love outdoor activities, too.



    Hi! I'm Yuko, I lived in Hong Kong when I was a kid, and went to a British primary school. I used to teach Mathematics and English to children up to junior high school at a juku and as a private tutor. I enjoy traveling alone around Japan and going to concerts. This is my second year at Pure English Kindergarten and I love this job and have fun everyday.



    Hello! my name is Olivia. I am from the Philippines. I am married to a Japanese for 26 years and I have two sons both graduated college and recently employed. I have an English teaching (Montessori) license from Seels Academy in Shinjuku, Waseda. I love to go to school everyday.