『Age 4 Class Teacher』Hello everyone! I’m from the Philippines. Nice to meet you! I’m a licensed teacher from the Philippines. I used to be a Junior and Senior High School teacher in the Philippines. Before I came here in Japan, I completed my Master Degree course. I decided to go to Japan to explore and experience a new life. However, I think I am destined to be a teacher. After my Japanese language schooling, I’ve got the opportunity to teach again. I have used to be an Assistant Language Teacher in elementary schools for 2 years and a year in Junior High School. Because of my past teaching experiences, I’m eager to try new path of teaching—- that’s becoming a Kindergarten teacher. I’m looking forward to be a part of molding precious children in all aspects as possible.



    『Age 3 Class Bilingual Teacher Yukiko』Hi! My name is Yukiko and I’m a Bilingual Teacher. I am half Japanese and half Filipino. I was born in Tokyo, Japan but I was raised in the Philippines. I can speak both English and Japanese fluently. I graduated from the University of San Carlos with a Bachelor of Hotel and Restaurant Management.  I’d like to guide and nurture the curiosity of each child and help them develop efficient learning.



    『Age 4 Class Bilingual Teacher Saori』Hello! My name is Saori. I am a Bilingual teacher. I’m in charge of Japanese lessons and PE of all classes. I am from Gunma Prefecture. I graduated from Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education and studied P.E and Education. I am a licensed Early Childhood Physical Education Instructor, and I have a license of Junior High/High School Health and Physical Education Teacher. As for sports, I have been an athlete for 15 years in canoeing, which I first started when I was in high school. I have 5 years of experience as a coach to national athletes in Gunma Prefecture. I love the sparkling smiles and loving faces of the children at Pure!



    『Age 5 Class Bilingual Teacher Kayoko 』Hi! My name is Kayoko. I'm from Japan. I'm a bilingual teacher. I have one daughter and I like to cook with her on weekends. I have lived in Russia and Vietnam, and I love to eat the food of those countries. I am a licensed Junior high and high school English teacher. Before living abroad, I worked as an English teacher at a children's English language school, a junior high school, and a high school in Japan. I look forward to talking, learning, and playing with cute PURE children!



    『Age 2 Class Classroom Teacher June』Hi!My name is June. I have 7 years teaching experience in Japan with TEYL certification (Teaching English to Young Learners). I’m a mother of a cute boy♡ I love teaching kids! I want my students to learn not only academically but also good values. I want children to feel safe and loved while they are away from their parents. I am also in charge of after school. I know that some children are anxious about their first English lesson at after school, but I understand Japanese, so don't worry!



    『Age 2 Class Bilingual Teacher 』Hello everyone! My name is Mio. I am a Bilingual teacher and in charge of Japanese lessons.I graduated from Meiji University and my major was commercial science. I had worked for some companies as an accounting staff, but I decided to become a Hoikushi. I have been interested in children's development and non-cognitive ability for a long time. I'm very happy to stay with PURE students and I am looking forward to seeing them every day! I have private certification of Rhythmic and Yoga. I love eating and watching musicals.



    『Age 5 Class Teacher 』Nice to meet you all! My name is Shrinnwanti (Shrin). I have graduated from the University of Calcutta, India with a bachelor of Science in Geography and with economics and mathematics as my minor subjects.I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful learning community. I believe that education is the key to unlocking a child's full potential, and I am passionate about creating a nurturing and stimulating environment where they can thrive.Through a combination of engaging activities, interactive lessons, and hands-on experiences, I aim to encourage the students to explore the world around them and develop a love for learning and also to ignite their curiosity about the world and it's diversity in every aspect.



    Hello! My name is Sanae, and I teach music. I was born and raised in Toda, and have been living in Toda for most of my life! I like playing the piano, tennis, and watching movies! All children are born musical, and I love to see them express themselves through music, singing and dancing in their own ways!I have a Japanese childcare work license, Eiken for early childhood educators Grade 1, and I am certified as a Japanese language teacher. I also have a license to teach an American music education program, Music Together In-school.



    Hello everyone! I am Deepanwita (Deepa), I am in charge of Arts & Crafts classes. I am from India and graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration and also in Indian Classical music. I have experiences of teaching Music and Art in India and Japan. I sing Bollywood songs (Indian Movie songs)in Indian events in Tokyo. I've strong passion for Drawing, Painting, Cooking, Dancing and all kind of art related things. I love to work for PURE students, they are very energetic and love to learn. As I always wish my students to paint their dreams with their favorite colors.