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We nurtures children who can aim for the world

What is “truly good childcare”?
We have been thoroughly exploring this question.

The answer we came up with was “a preschool where the child takes the leading role.

What shall we do today?
How shall we play?

The children at PURE think for themselves and run around freely every day.

Welcome to Pure English Kindergarten. We opened our doors in 2008 as an international preschool. The surrounding area of Toda City in Saitama Prefecture is home to a diverse and growing population of foreign nationals, primarily from Asia. We are committed to actively engaging with our local community through various activities, offering our assistance, and creating a welcoming environment for both Japanese and foreign residents. Looking to the future, we envision a world where our children, as adults, can interact with others as individuals, regardless of national boundaries. We want them to become people who can engage in dialogue, think collaboratively, and work together to solve problems, even if conflicts arise between nations. It is our hope that our kindergarten lays the foundation for these skills.

Our adorable young learners are currently taking their first steps on this journey.

They are developing a strong command of the English language, a widely spoken international language, and are spending their precious pre-school years freely, happily, and above all, blissfully, alongside their multinational friends and teachers.

We are dedicated to continuing our efforts to ensure that each child enjoys their unique and wonderful journey towards a bright future.

Best wishes for all of your children’s fantastic futures!

Arrive at school


Morning activities


Story time




Afternoon activities





At our preschool, English is at the heart of all activities. Language lessons introduce children as young as 2 to the alphabet and pronunciation. By age 5, they’re writing journals with correct spelling and grammar.


All classes engage in gymnastics. This helps create physically resilient children who can focus and learn by imitation.

Kids enjoy a range of activities like balance beam, mat exercises, vaulting, jump rope, ball games, rhythm dancing, and futsal. They learn rules and develop their skills while having fun.


Classes include two music sessions.

Music Class-1

This is an English rhythmic class taught by an outside instructor. Students move their bodies freely to various genres of fun music and sing various songs.

Music Class-2

The 2- and 3-year-olds play mainly percussion instruments, while the 4- and 5-year-olds play the melodica.

They also sing Japanese nursery rhymes. The Japanese songs are linked to the Japanese class and help children learn hiragana and katakana.

Nature Play

Children first gain knowledge from books and tablets, and then they venture outside for exploration. They create art using items found in nature and participate in activities like gardening, tending flower beds, and caring for pets.

These experiences teach them to appreciate nature and its creatures. (We have a turtle named “Micky” and many fish, offering children the opportunity to learn about caring for nature and creatures.)


We place a strong emphasis on art as a platform for children to explore and expand their creativity. Our curriculum includes engaging seasonal projects, where students are encouraged to draw inspiration from the changing seasons.

We also take storybooks and turn them into art, allowing children to visually express their interpretations and feelings from the stories they read.

We believe in the power of art as a crucial outlet for self-expression and a means to develop problem-solving skills, aesthetic sensibilities, and fine motor skills.

Japanese Lessons

Bilingual Japanese instructors lead the Japanese language time, focusing on Japanese picture books, card games, reading, writing, and finger plays. Children aged 2 to 4 have Japanese lessons once a week, while 5-year-olds enjoy two lessons a week.

School Events

Events for Children and Parents

Entrance Ceremony

Field Trip

Parent Observation Day

Sports Day

Halloween Party

Christmas Party

Graduation Ceremony

Birthday Party (Every month)

Evacuation Drill

These activities provide a rich and engaging experience for both children and parents at our school.

Events for Children

Teddy Bear Picnic

Pajama Party

Wacky Hair Day

Salad Party

Field Trip

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