Information about Our Childcare Facility Status

Pure English Kindergarten has received a certificate that our school satisfies unlicensed child care facility’s supervision guidelines and standards. This means that families are able to apply for the subsidy system as an unlicensed childcare facility. For children aged 3 and older, once you pay the monthly school fee, you can expect to receive a monthly government subsidy of 37,000 yen. Families who want more information about the subsidy system should contact their local government office.


Welcome to Pure English Kindergarten. We opened our doors in 2008 as an international preschool. The surrounding area of Toda City in Saitama Prefecture is home to a diverse and growing population of foreign nationals, primarily from Asia. We are committed to actively engaging with our local community through various activities, offering our assistance, and creating a welcoming environment for both Japanese and foreign residents. Looking to the future, we envision a world where our children, as adults, can interact with others as individuals, regardless of national boundaries. We want them to become people who can engage in dialogue, think collaboratively, and work together to solve problems, even if conflicts arise between nations. It is our hope that our kindergarten lays the foundation for these skills.

Our adorable young learners are currently taking their first steps on this journey.

They are developing a strong command of the English language, a widely spoken international language, and are spending their precious pre-school years freely, happily, and above all, blissfully, alongside their multinational friends and teachers.

We are dedicated to continuing our efforts to ensure that each child enjoys their unique and wonderful journey towards a bright future.

Best wishes for all of your children’s fantastic futures!

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After School

A variety of English learning, activities, and Japanese language courses to suit your child’s needs

Saturday School

International school only on Saturdays. Experience lessons in English!

Study Abroad

It’s a different kind of family vacation. Experience a foreign culture early on while studying abroad with us!