My experience at Pure English Kindergarten was very positive!

Shosei has been at Pure since he was 1.5 years old. Because he was in an English environment
since he was a baby, rather than trying to learn English he has instead been living with English
very naturally, and now English is a strong point for him. In thanks to all the events at Pure, such as
Sports Day, Halloween and the Christmas Play, he was able to better concentrate, and being comfortable
with public speaking and dance/performance has become a specialty for him. For future schooling, he
will be able to make good use of the skills he developed at Pure and more options will be available to
him. As globalization progresses, I believe that English skills are absolutely necessary, but even more
than that Pure has created an environment where children can enjoy their time and I was very happy to meet the teachers who love to grow with the students.
The past 5 years have been an amazing experience for the parents and children.

My son started class at Pure from 2 years old, and was crying every morning. But thanks to the kind and energetic teachers, he started coming to school with a smile. Events the whole family can enjoy, cute and amazing crafts and stylish dancing are just some of the things Pure has to offer. Pure is a bright and wonderful place where the teachers come together and have fun doing their best.
Their expansive curriculum works with each child’s pace and in cooperation with their family as well. We always look forward to seeing the face our children have when they come home from all the fun and studying, and hearing the stories they tell us of the things that happened at school that day. My son is shy and has a hard time talking about himself, but seeing him on stage giving a nice speech in front of many people filled my heart with pride. Not only the homeroom teachers, but every teacher gets to know each child, and the love they have for the school is really quite amazing.

At Pure it’s not just about acquiring English skills, the teachers enthusiastically guide students
in a fun and exciting way to help them develop as individuals and think on their own. What
students learn here will be a strong support for their future.