>>Free Trial ~Winter School 2021~

Free Trial ~Winter School 2021~

Free admission to Winter School 2021 for all non-enrolled children! (The first free trial event of 2021)
This is a rare opportunity to experience what life is like at PURE. (Closing Date 13th December)


Period::Thursday 23 December and Friday 24 December 2021 *One of those 2days is possible.
Hours: 9.00 am – 2.00 pm
Age range::children born between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2019


Free trial includes
①Your child will spending time with existing children who are attending Winter School.
②2-3 native English speaking teachers and 2-3 bilingual teachers (Japanese) will be in charge. (This varies from day to day)
③There is no nap time.


Please note

1.Pick up and drop off is the responsibility of each family. There is no school bus service.
  (This does not apply to siblings of existing children)

2.Lunch will be either (1) packed lunch at home or (2)an ordered lunch at the facility (380 yen per meal).
3.In principle, no observation is allowed while the child is in our care.
  (There will be a presentation for parents on the afternoon of the last day, 24th December.)
4.Please refrain from leaving early during the trial period (9am – 2pm) due to the flow of the programme.
5.The maximum number of free trial sessions is three times. (The schedule for January and February will be announced later.)
6.On the last day of the trial, there will be a 30-minute feedback session with the parents.
7.If you enroll within 7 working days of the free trial, you will receive a 50% discount on the enrollment fee.
8.If you have any other information about your child that we should know, please include it in the application form.